Episode 4- Justin Bieber: Galactic Overlord

Welcome to the Storytime Hour Non-Denominational Christmas Eve Specialiganza! Download it from iTunes or stream it here.  We hope we’re finding you in good cheer and surrounded with food. In honor of the season, we bring you conspiracy theories, alien mind control and, most importantly, Justin Bieber!

Our feature story is a big budget blockbuster written by our friend Jordan Douglas Smith and featuring Jordan, Erica and Camille Lowman.

Jordan is a great friend, and also a wonderful actor, director and writer. We’re thrilled that he’s allowed us to produce his brilliant story, which is part of a larger project called Bound (written for the Mythos Group writing collective).  Send any messages for Jordan to storytimehour@gmail.com and we’ll pass ’em along.

We’re also thrilled to have Camille Lowman lending her talents for the episode! She’s a wonderful actor, comic and improvisor, and you can check out her writing at camillelowman.com.

We don’t want to say too much about it and risk giving away the plot… So curl up with something warm (cocoa, puppy or human) and let us fly you to the moon!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the the show on iTunes (and rate us while you’re at it), like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and send lovely emails at storytimehour@gmail.com

Happy Holiday!

xx E & J


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