Episode 5 – Misfit Medicine


Welcome to 2013, the Year of the Storytelling Podcast! We’re kicking this one off in style with two fabulous guests of the Diva Icon variety. Subscribe on iTunes, or stream it here.

First up we have Suzanne Greenberg, the woman responsible for the terror that has been and continues to become Jolenta Greenberg. She tells us about being haunted by ghosts, and provides insight as to why ‘bean’ is a particularly unsettling nickname for Jolenta.

Suzanne may be a tough act to follow, but our next guest, the devastatingly hilarious and handsome John Early is undaunted. John is one of the funniest people we know (he’ll soon be one of the funniest people that anyone knows, as he’s destined for blinding stardom). We were particularly privileged to have him tell us the very special story behind one of the stranger high school dance photos we’ve ever seen. Also, John reveals to us that he is, in fact gay. WHAT? Nevermind, we already knew that. But we still support John and his honesty wherever it may lead. Please stalk John online on tumblr and on twitter.

As always, you can reach us online at storytimehour@gmail.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Talk to us!

xx E&J


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