Episode 6 – Miss Derr


Welcome back to the show! This week’s episode is so good we can’t stand it.  As always, subscribe in iTunes or here.

First up, we have Home, a piece written by the brilliant Brooke Berman and performed by Jolenta and superstar-in-the-making Eric Williams. We are huge fans of Brooke’s, and of Home, so this is a good day. Please check her out at www.brookeberman.net and read her gorgeous memoir, No Place Like Home. Eric Williams you can find being witty on Twitter @EricWillz.

As if Brooke doesn’t supply enough literary brilliance for one episode, next up we have Nate Weida. Nate is a one man genius factory, a self described vagabond. We would just call him a sparkle pony. He even brought his banjo to illustrate his stories of awkward romance and anxiety (featuring two educators with terrifically unfortunate surnames). Please check him out at nateweida.com, go see his live shows (both solo and with his band Great Dog Almighty) and keep your eyes open for the theater event of the decade, I’s Twinkle.

Enjoy the show!



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