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Episode 8 – What’s a Show Choir, and Will it Bite?


Welcome back to the closet! We’ll be camped out in here until the wind dies down and it’s safe to go outside again. Responsibilities be damned! We’re taking a Yucky Weather Day (it’s like a sick day or a mental health day for when you just don’t want to bother with the weather- it’s great, you should take one too and join us for this terrific episode!)

You can find it as always on iTunes, and streaming right here!

First up we have the brilliant and prolific Colby Day reading his story, The Boy Who Had No Feelings. We don’t want to give anything away, but this story is about a boy who finds himself lacking in the emotion department. You can find him  on his website,, on Twitter @ColbyDay, and being hilarious with @Sweater_FriendsColby is a member of the Pipeline Theater Company, where you can frequently see his plays being performed.

Next up we have the lovely and talanted Mara Wilson telling a story of hubris, dance class, and the perils of Physical Education. You might remember Mara from her earlier career as the Cutest Kid in America, during which she appeared in such films as Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Miracle on 34th Street. Lately Mara’s been focusing her considerable talents and energies on writing and storytelling. You can check her out at, and on Twitter @MaraWritesStuff and on Facebook.

Also, find out who Jolenta just broke up with (hint, it’s not her boyfriend or her dog), and what activity Erica swears will ensure a long and healthy life.


xx E & J


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Episode 7 – Ants and Lizards for Dinner


The weather in New York has been all over the map this past fortnight! We hope you’ve managed to stay comfortable and dry and have been readying your ears for the next installment of the podcast. As always, you can download or subscribe to it on iTunes, or stream it right here.

This time around, we’re discussing matters of the soul such as falling down in public, pulling pranks, and post-apocalyptic heartache. Jenna Krasowski and Griffin Sherbert contribute to the mayhem, along with some very special and unexpected guests. Jenna is an actress and lovely person who can be found on Twitter @jennurz. Griffin cannot be found on Twitter or elsewhere. Seriously, has anybody seen Griffin?

As for us, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and old fashioned email at

Enjoy the show!


xx E & J


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