Episode 9 – NinjaBall Junction


Welcome back to the fortnightly half hour hour. Get the latest episode on iTunes or stream here!

This week’s show is all about adventure and sportsmanship (insofar as theme restaurants and Skeeball can be said to fall into those categories). First up we have the darling and wise Sharone Halevy’s encounter with with REAL LIFE NINJAS in downtown Manhattan, of all places. Seriously, check out this video. It’s BANANAS. These ninjas are also very gracious hosts and  concerned citizens. Sharone’s an actress, a singer, and an evil creative genius. Check out the upcoming projection of Jesus Hopped the A Train, directed by Sharone and produced by YellaFella Entertainment, at the Atlantic Stage 2 on March 21-24.

Next up, Brad Mielke’s back in the mix with a harrowing tale of love and death on the very outermost fringes of extreme sports. No, we’re not talking about Volcano Boarding or Crocodile Bungee Jumping. This here story’s about Skeeball. Brad was in our very first episode and we’re thrilled to have him back. He works for a big fancy news organization that shall go unnamed, but suffice it to say that it’s pretty cool of him to give us this story. Pretty cool indeed. You can follow Brad on Twitter @TheBradMielke.

Enjoy the show!

xx E & J


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