Episode 10 – Advanced Topics in Internet Dating


We’re back! It’s our 10th episode un-birthday! And we want to celebrate and congratulate ourselves by making a VERY SPECIAL 10TH EPISODE! You can subscribe on iTunes (speaking of which, our favorite un-birthday present is always a pretty shiny iTunes rating!) or stream it over here.

We are jazzed and also pumped to be continuing to bring you the latest in cutting edge, punk rock storytelling from the wildest and most un-wacky New Yorkers around.

First up, Ariana Seigel tells us when NOT to ride a motorcycle with an internet date. That may not be the point of her story, but it’s one of the things that WE took away from it. Ariana is the coolest, funniest, best girl who is also a comedian/writer/performer. Spend some time on her web page, arianaseigel.com, follow her on Twitter @AriSeigel, and support the indiegogo campain for her hysterical web series Ari and Emma: the Sketch Show. Want a sample? You’re welcome.

Following Ariana, we have a story brought to us by the Sly Mr. Rick Cekovsky, also an actor and performer and entertaining person. This is a POEM and it is in VERSE. So, that’s pretty G_D D__N impressive, if you ask us. Plus, it’s well done and pretty nifty. Find out more about Rick at rickcekovsky.com, Twitter at him @rickychex, and learn about his theater comany, The Truf, at thetruf.org.

So have a listen! Celebrate our 10th episode unbirthday with us… There is cake at the end of this link…

As always, you can find us on FacebookTwitter and old fashioned email at storytimehour@gmail.com

Enjoy the show!

xx E & J


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