Episode 11 – Facebook Activism

tape equal2

Spring has sprung (we hope we didn’t just jinx it)! and we’re back in high spirits. You can find this week’s episode as always on iTunes, and streaming right here!

This week we are honored and priviliged and also THRILLED to have a story from Cynthia Silver about her idyllic pregnancy and fairytale birth. No, not really. Cynthia came on the show to get real about her experience, and get real she does. We thank Cynthia for her candor and are extremely proud of the resulting story. You can find Cynthia on Twitter @BabyinTowCo and on her website, cynsilver.com

Next up, we have a bit of ‘found’ storytelling from Jolenta involving long lost letters from the Vietnam War… Written from Germany. Remember when people still wrote letters? We don’t either, but we like to dress up as the Crawley sisters and imagine what it must have been like. In this story you will hear the melodious voice of Michael R. Piazza, Official Friend of The Show and super terrific actor.

Also, what does your Facebook profile picture say about you? Everything. And nothing. And everything?

As always, you can find us on FacebookTwitter and old fashioned email at storytimehour@gmail.com

Enjoy the show!

xx E & J


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