About the Ladies

Erica Genereux Smith grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. After graduating from the Atlantic Theater Company, she made Brooklyn her home. As an actress, she’s appeared in popular entertainments such as The Onion News Network, Useless Things, and in theater plays all over the great downtown of the Island of Manhattan (most recently Pipeline Theater Company’s The Ash Girl). She is a founding member of the Crashbox Theater Company, where she appeared in The Last &  Hat and Saint Matilde’s Malady. She recently wrapped production on the indie thriller Blue Ruin.


Jolenta hails from Portland, Oregon.  Growing up in the City of Roses she honed a love for greenery and squirrels.  Being an only child, she also quickly developed an affinity for stories; all kinds of stories to keep her company when squirrels and ferns weren’t enough.  Now Jolenta is a performer living in Brooklyn. She is a founding member of the Crashbox Theater Company and has been seen in their production of Saint Matilde’s Malady.  And her storytelling has been featured on the Risk! Podcast. She spends her days teaching children theater.



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